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Champions for Urban Youth, an arm of the not for profit Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, was created to connect mature adults in our community with public school students.  The co-founders, Bob and Dick, believe that through Champions for Urban Youth our entire community will be enriched by the sharing of experiences and values caused by bringing people together who come from different cultural and economic backgrounds to generate win-win situations. The important point of this concept is to provide individuals in our community the opportunity to connect with schools in ways that they will feel will be of most interest to them. Then the volunteers and the students will benefit.

With so many different opportunities for individuals to volunteer in our public schools and other urban institutions, it only makes sense that there be an organization active in the actual recruitment of individuals with both time and interest in matching their skills with the needs of the community. Champions for Urban Youth was created to be the vehicle to connect volunteers with organizations focused on the youth in communities.

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Co-Founder of Champions for Urban Youth
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My Winning Season – Becoming a Champion for Urban Youth

My Winning Season

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A new movement has begun that has the potential to change the world. Local attorney and author Robert Buechner has raised the bar for all of us as he puts forth a compelling call-to-action in his new book, My Winning Season: Becoming a Champion for Urban Youth, which encourages everyone to follow his lead and become champions in their own communities.

Best selling author Matthew Kelly says, “(There) is evidence of a real yearning that people of all ages are identifying with more and more. We want to live more meaningful lives, and we want to make a contribution.”

Buechner took this sentiment to a new level, and after spending two seasons volunteering his time to affect positive change as an assistant coach for a local inner-city high school basketball team, Buechner chronicles his experiences in his new book My Winning Season Becoming a Champion for Urban Youth. He says, “I have traveled the world and, surprisingly, my year at Grant High was a richer, more interesting and more satisfying experience (and less expensive!) than visiting India or China or even taking an African safari.”

This book reads like a real-life drama as it follows Buechner and the team through a season rich with last second half court shots and many exciting games, but it also offers the reader deeper reflections and includes the framework for making Champions for Urban Youth a reality. The season started with the team grieving over the death of a player’s mother and other situations that were encountered included the presence of 10 police cars at the very first game, the suspension of players due to drug use, and the murder of a coach’s son.

The challenges were many but the relationships and changes lives were well worth the time. In this heartwarming story, readers will learn of the harsh reality many urban students face on a daily basis and some specific steps that can be taken to bridge the gap between their harsh reality and a future of success.

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Our country’s lack of racial harmony has become a daunting issue for all urban communities. Help is on the way.

In his new book … Robert Buechner celebrates diversity by presenting the win-win of an affluent attorney getting outside of his comfort zone to work with Cincinnati urban youth in a  winning high school basketball arena. Stating that his experience was more interesting, challenging and enjoyable than any of his extensive international travel , Buechner makes the case that others can and should follow their passions to get involved in some way with our urban youth. In fact he advocates the formation of a ” Champions for Urban Youth ” charity to recruit , train and deploy mature adults to interface in their area of choice with our inner city students.

Buechner’s book starts with the visualization and execution of the perfect season. It reports on the ups and downs of a winning season, focuses on specific interaction with the players and coaches, and ends with a tragic event that provides a  difficult but memorable teaching moment.

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